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Nova Facilities Home Maintenance is Living Made Easy

Time wears everything down, including your home. As the cracks begin to appear your property becomes less comfortable and less valuable. Regular home maintenance is the only way to stop problems before they occur and maintain the full value of your property.

Nova Facilities Home Maintenance caters to clients whose time is too valuable to worry about repairing a door or finding the right plumber. Your home should be a place of relaxation— a reward for your hard work, not a chore waiting to be done. Let us take care of the small things, the big things, and everything in between—while you relax with your family and enjoy your home.

So why Nova Facilities Home Maintenance?

Customized Maintenance Service

We will build a fully customized and flexible program to fit your needs resulting in the best service you can find. Contact us now for an initial consultation.

Our Team

When you hire us, you hire our entire roster of professionals. Our shared knowledge, experience, and professionalism equip us with the ability to tackle any problem or project you may have. We guarantee full and complete service that takes care of everything. Bring us in and you will never have to worry about home maintenance again.

Eliminate in-house Staffing

We combine our routine schedule with client’s requests and accomplish the same work without the expense or inconvenience of having full time in-house staff.

Some of what our home maintenance services include 

Electric works
Gas safe
Pest control
Waste disposal

Nova Facilities Home Maintenance is living made easy.

We do everything from changing light bulbs to clearing gutters. All you have to do is ask.